Slideshow 5 tips to expand your business through public speaking

  • February 20 2014, 10:42am EST
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1. Find speaking opportunities

Make a list of organizations in your area that would welcome guest speakers with your expertise, including your local Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, Rotary Club, networking groups and any business-oriented meetups, Miller suggests. Local colleges and adult education programs often bring in guest speakers, as well.

2. Identify your topics

Jot down some topics you could comfortably talk about to a group. Miller suggests reflecting on interactions with clients and prospects and the questions they routinely ask, as well as the areas they seem most concerned about. Those are your topics, he says.

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3. Reach out

Now that you have a list of local organizations and some speaking topics in mind, look up each organization online to find out the name and contact information for the group leader. Reach out to these people and let them know who you are and what information you can offer their members.

4. Create your presentation

Nail down the details of your presentation. Miller suggests presentations that last 20 minutes or under and include a catchy opening, about three main points on your topic and, finally, a call to action. Give your audience valuable tips that will really help them, he says. That's what will engage them and encourage them to work with you.

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5. Collect the leads

As you wrap up, give your audience a reason to connect with you. Offer participants more useful tips or information via e-mail in exchange for their business card, Miller suggests. Be sure to send them what you promised and then add their information to your list for future marketing efforts. You now have an email list of prime prospects.