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5 trending HR technologies
Technology is reshaping how human resource departments operate. EBN has been keeping a close eye on HR innovations. Here, the editors provide a list of technologies and tools that have caught their attention.
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Performance management software
Performance management systems track employees’ progress -- from onboarding through the end of their tenure. The systems allow HR to set targets and objectives and then to regularly assess how well workers are progressing.

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Training management software
Training management applications deliver and track employee education programs. With a good system in place, employers can more easily run effective learning programs and record the success completion of instructional programs.

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Applicant tracking software
Applicant tracking software helps HR departments handle the recruitment process by posting, storing and then, based on an employer’s criteria, sorting resumes to find appropriate job candidates.

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Onboarding platform providers
Employers make significant investments to source and recruit the best candidates, but often leave these same new hires to find their own way around the organization once they start. Onboarding tools can help get new workers going.

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Payroll management providers
Payroll management tools aim to help human resources professionals with a number of compensation tasks, including calculating wages, managing budgets, paying employees and filing taxes.

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