Slideshow 5 ways advisers can stay close with clients

  • November 17 2011, 3:03pm EST
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Reconnect with a client after a long period

Acknowledge the fact that It’s been awhile since you've both talked and apologize for not doing a better job staying in touch. Let the client know, "I’m making a concerted effort to get to know my clients better and stay in touch," says Michael Goldberg, founder of Building Blocks Consulting.

Update a client on beneficial products

Have you ever been working on an account for client A and his or her situation reminded you of client B? This is a perfect time to contact client B by saying, "I'd like to discuss your long-term care coverage and some other ideas that might be very beneficial to you and your family."

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Grow your business

Your clients can open doors to new ones. "I know that we can be tremendous resources for one another," is a good way to start the conversation and learn about potential consumers.

Meet for the fun of it

Invite clients to join you for a basketball game or a round of golf. "It's a chance to blow off some steam while getting to know each other better," Goldberg says.

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Connect for no particular reason at all

By checking in on plan participants' most important assets - their family - you can see if there's a new bundle of joy, if someone has switched jobs or learn about a family member that has fallen ill.