Slideshow 5 Ways to Improve Your Client Retention and Gain New Accounts

  • January 25 2012, 1:58pm EST
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1. Forecasting the Future of Health Care Reform and Broker Community Response

Take a look at the future of health care reform and offer the strategies, resources and relationships needed to capitalize on an unprecedented opening to make the shift in benefits distribution your ally in gaining new accounts and revenue streams.

2. Winning the Large Account

Learn time tested techniques for prospecting and closing large deals and methods to improve your probability for sales success based on actual case studies.

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3. The Role of the Broker in an Exchange Environment

The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act may stay or go, but many believe health care exchanges are definitely in the “stay” column. Examine the meaning for brokers, how to avoid the dangers and seize the opportunities.

4. Avatars: Finally Ready for Prime Time

See first-hand the capabilities of the latest “wow” technology and gain specific case-study tips from brokers/ employers who have embraced this benefits communication method.

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5. Mergers, Acquisitions, & Strategic Relationship Options

The marketplace has put a premium on scale and diversification of product offerings, with an increasing amount of M&A, and strategic relationship building. Gain clarity on your options and the opportunities available to agencies of all sizes.

Workplace Benefits Renaissance

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