Slideshow 6 marketing activities benefit agencies need to embrace

  • May 05 2016, 1:11am EDT
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Benefit agencies have to define their brand identity and use these six techniques strategically, says Wendy Keneipp, a partner and coach at Q4intelligence.

1) Client communcations

Regularly send practical, useful tools and information from third party providers (wellness, HR, compliance, etc.).

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2) Website

A modern, mobile-friendly site with descriptive text based on your brand definition: Why you’re in business, how you work, what you offer, with whom you work.

3) LinkedIn

Everyone on your team has a profile based on brand definition.

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4) Writing

Get comfortable expressing yourself. Start with 2-3 sentences on LinkedIn updates when sharing an article, work up to writing blog posts/articles.

5) Speaking

Get comfortable communicating your ideas. Host seminars, round table discussions, create educational presentations.

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6) Educational prospect emails

These are emails with original content delivered to an opt-in list of prospective clients. If you’re not comfortable with your brand message, expressing opinions, and creating content, this will never work.