Slideshow ‘Adapt or die:’ Top reader comments of 2015

  • December 18 2015, 2:18am EST
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A year’s worth of news related to employee benefits sparked plenty of discussion among EBA readers — with the Affordable Care Act and Zenefits evoking some of the sharpest criticism.

Here are the top comments of the year:

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‘Healthcare being flushed down the sewer’

“Our healthcare is being flushed down the sewer. Any time the feds get involved, disaster is not far behind. We've already seen what they've done with Medicare and Medicaid. We don't need a third strike to impact the rest of us.”

Posted by Vincent P

Burwell: Healthcare on threshold of big change.

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‘Obamacare is government run amok’

“Obamacare is government run amok. It should be replaced by a streamlined interim system until Congress has a leader and a Congress that can agree and the ultimate system is supported by 70% of Americans who must pay for it.”

Posted by Michael S

The 7 criteria that will exclude agent fees from MLR.

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Keep doing what you’re doing, Zenefits

“I hope the Zenefits board of directors keeps Parker Conrad around. If left to his own devices, he'll single handily bring down the company.”

Posted by Bret H

Zenefits, ADP dispute heats up with defamation lawsuit.

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Right ruling

“You have to take the entire law into context and, when you do, you see the law is providing tax subsidies to anyone that qualifies for them when purchasing insurance through an exchange (whether federal or state). Yes, the law needs work to improve upon it, but Congress needs to get to work making those improvements already instead of continuing to challenge the ideology of the law.”

Posted by Michael R

SCOTUS upholds subsidies, industry shifts attention to other ACA fixes.

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‘Incompetent competition’

“My frustration with all the incompetent competition out there getting paid large sums of money by our government to drive us out of business is shameful. I have taken their training for three years now and I have very little to show for it. It's almost a ridiculous waste of my time.

“I might just forego all health commissions and become a navigator. I'll get paid whether I sell anything or not. First I was told by all the cheerleaders that if I didn't get involved with ACA I would become irrelevant. Well, the reduced commissions and effort makes me think while I'm in good standing, for what? I'm not exactly going out and buying a cabin cruiser or anything. It's all hype and we are definitely irrelevant.”

Posted by Ray W

CMS public exchange agent hotline falling short of expectations

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Unsustainable business practice

“The idea of brokers giving away free technology to get broker of record letter is not a sustainable business. It also doesn't say much about the value of a broker if employers are willing to change brokers over a $5 PEPM software.”

Posted by Joe M

Digital Insurance ‘playing offense’ with new software solution investment.

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‘No significant research was completed’

“The crux of the problem is that no significant research was completed by the federal government before passing this legislation. Anyone with some commonsense within the industry could have predicted what was going to happen with the CO-OPs.”

Posted by Robert G

Set up to fail: Obamacare CO-OPs had no chance from the beginning.

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‘Always room for improvement and new ideas in this business’

“I have been in the benefits business 20+ years, and that thank-you is a new one on me! There's always room for improvement and new ideas in this business.”

Posted by Bruce E

Jimmy Fallon shouldn’t be the only one writing thank you notes.

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‘Textbook case of an industry being disrupted’

“This is a textbook case of an industry being disrupted, and frankly it is sorely needed. Be honest with yourself. If you have a better value proposition than (Zenefits), you have nothing to fear. Adapt or die.”

Posted by Mitch C

'Zenefits has crossed the line.'

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‘Not in the habit of thinking about insurance’

“Everyone who does not want to do something tells me that it is too expensive. In my judgment, it is also about habit and experience. The last few generations are not in the habit of thinking about insurance and future planning so it is an education for them of the why to own insurance benefits.”

Posted by Raymond L

How to combat the misconceptions of life insurance.

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