Best 29 careers for a work-life balance
A young businessman surrounded by moving boxes celebrating while using a laptop
1. Lab scientist.jpg
29. Lab assistant
Portrait of a smiling young chemist in the lab with a female coworker in the background
2. Creative manager.jpg
28. Creative manager
Successful Asian woman working at a creative office with a wall chart at the background
3. Research technician.jpg
27. Research technician
two scientist using digital tablet in laboratory
4. Research analyst.jpg
26. Research analyst
Woman working at home online sketching growth graphs - business concepts
4. Computer programmer.jpg
25. Computer programmer
Five young people running their coding startup company. Working from the house like business incubator. Sitting and collaborating. Using their laptops for coding. Selective focus to young man with glasses talking to his coworker. Shot with Canon EOS 5Ds.
5. Client manager.jpg
24. Client manager
a young graduate sits across the table from her interview panel full of confidence and positivity energy . She is holding her cv and smiling at the interview panel before her and shakes hands with the new boss.She is wearing blue trousers with an orange suit jacket . in the foreground we can see the back of two of the panel , a man and a woman.
6. Recruiting manager.jpg
23. Recruiting manager
Young confident businesswoman shakes the hand of her potential new employer at her interview
7. Marketing coordinator.jpg
22. Marketing coordinator
Two start-up business people discussing layout and colors with laptop.
8. Project analyst.jpg
21. Project analyst
A photo of mature businesswoman examining documents at desk. Concentrated professional is analysing papers in office. Executive is in formals.
9. Data analyst.jpg
20. Data analyst
A photo of concentrated businessman drawing graph on glass wall. Thoughtful male professional is analysing strategy. Mature manager is working in office.
10. Technical editor.jpg
19. Technical editor
Cropped shot of a businesswoman working at her deskhttp://
11. Content manager.jpg
18. Content manager
Business woman dominates the meeting standing up giving instructions while other members sit looking and listening. Female woman is pointing to notes etc in front of her on the whiteboard.
12. Web designer.jpg
17. Web designer
Mid 20's male hipster using graphic tablet for design and drawing purposes.Sitting on spiral stairs in a loft,wearing eyeglasses and red cap indoors.he has full grown beard.
13. PHP developer.jpg
16. PHP developer
Young developers working in their start-up home office. They are brainstorming, woman holding pencil and writing while talking with her coworker. They are collaborating. Top view. Location is released.
14. Social media manager.jpg
15. Social media manager
Young woman is working at home
15. Library assistant.jpg
14. Library assistant
Pretty Asian teaching assistant or college student is looking at the camera and standing in college library holding a digital tablet. She is wearing glasses and is wearing a purple sweater. Students are studying and using computers in the background.
16. Substitute teacher.jpg
13. Substitute teacher
Concentrated senior female mathemathics professor writing a formula to the chalkboard.. Personal Perspective, Selective focus, small DOF. Natural interior light.
17. Scrum master.jpg
12. Scrum master
Coworkers brainstorming together on a project at the office, ussing adhesive note
18. Marketing analyst.jpg
11. Marketing analyst
Woman working at the office on her computer and looking at the camera smiling
19. Research engineer.jpg
10. Research engineer
QC inspector engineer
20. DevOps engineer.jpg
9. DevOps engineer
Female engineer working on a computer in the office.
21. Mobile developer.jpg
8. Mobile developer
Young female designer texting on smart phone in office. There are some other people working in background.
22. Technical account manager.jpg
7. Technical account manager
Businessman working at his desk.
23. Recruiting coordinator.jpg
6. Recruiting coordinator
Shot of two businesspeople shaking hands in an officehttp://
24. UI designer.jpg
5. UI designer
Shot of coworkers discussing something on a digital tablet
25. Strategy manager.jpg
4. Strategy manager
Shot of a group of colleagues having a brainstorming session at work
26. Data scientist.jpg
3. Data scientist
Mid adult male scientist reading scientific data in a laboratory.
27. UX designer.jpg
2. UX designer
Young creative woman sitting in the office and working on a computer.
28. Corporate recruiter.jpg
1. Corporate recruiter
Beautiful female manager listening to businessman at workplace