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  • November 06 2015, 11:40am EST
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Adjectives such as ‘incompetent’ and ‘inept’ filled the comments section this week under a story addressing shortcomings of a CMS public exchange agent hotline. Here are other thoughts shared by EBA readers.

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‘Dark money’ source

The “ACA is a revenue source for dark money to flow to democratic initiatives. It funds all the ridiculous community organizations Democrats have. It is not about health care, it’s about building the democratic infrastructure. Why should we put up with this level of incompetence?”

Posted by Michael B

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‘Why aren’t brokers more upset?’

“Why aren't the brokers and agents more upset and vocal about the discrimination against them? They seem to just take whatever crumb of the market they are thrown by the government, instead of getting the word out to the public about the discrimination against them AND the resulting reduced quality and quantity of service provided to consumers.

Posted by Carol S

‘Incompetent competition’

“My frustration with all the incompetent competition out there getting paid large sums of money by our government to drive us out of business is shameful. I have taken their training for three years now and I have very little to show for it. It's almost a ridiculous waste of my time.

“I might just forego all health commissions and become a navigator. I'll get paid whether I sell anything or not. First I was told by all the cheerleaders that if I didn't get involved with ACA I would become irrelevant. Well, the reduced commissions and effort makes me think while I'm in good standing, for what? I'm not exactly going out and buying a cabin cruiser or anything. It's all hype and we are definitely irrelevant.”

Posted by Ray W

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Become a non-profit

“One idea to combat the commission squeeze would be to set your agency up as a ‘non-profit’ and start writing grants to educate and communicate the same things that we do now except that in a ‘non-profit’ world you now only care about getting grants and not making sales. It might actually be a better deal since ‘non-profits’ don't pay taxes.”

Posted by Keith

No longer using

“Due to the ineptness of ‘Obama and his army of minions’ our agency will no longer assist or advise any of our clients to utilize Likewise, our agency has trained and been certified to assist our clients in obtaining coverage through We have been paid on less than half of the cases submitted, even though we assisted those clients in obtaining coverage. Our agency has lost money with the time and effort given to advise our clients.”

Posted by Robert G

CMS public exchange agent hotline falling short of expectations