Slideshow Can handwritten notes increase sales?

  • October 16 2015, 11:30am EDT
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It’s never too late for a broker to add another selling tool to their arsenal, and handwritten thank you notes can help increase the number of appointments, which can lead to more sales. Here’s what EBA readers had to say on this tactic, as well as other reactions to this week’s news:

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‘There's always room for improvement and new ideas in this business’

“I have been in the benefits business 20+ years, and that thank-you is a new one on me! There's always room for improvement and new ideas in this business.”

Posted by Bruce E

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A lost art

“It does need to be put into practice more. We've really lost the art of anything handwritten.”

Posted by Michelle W

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When to send a note

“There are several thought ideas about the physical written note or digital note.

a. I write physical notes to people if I feel that there is a connection. I will send them my business card and sometimes a marketing item.

b. In most situations, I will send a personal text or email with thoughts and perhaps an attachment. I am also in the habit of sending a personal video which clarifies what we talked about or explains issues which can be described in the video.

“It also maybe that people who are older will remember and welcome personal notes. People who are younger would prefer a text or email as they may or may not look at their mail. People often do not listen to their voice mail which was popular for many years.”

Posted by Raymond L

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Great advice

“I have someone making calls for me now who is new and experiencing a lot of people saying no or hanging up. I shared this article with her and on Facebook and said we should try it. She agreed!”

Posted by Patricia H

Jimmy Fallon shouldn’t be the only one writing thank you notes

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‘People are faced with hard financial decisions every month’

“The fact remains that people are faced with hard financial decisions every month, and it's getting tougher to stretch the budget.”

Posted by Andy H

The voluntary benefit that’s addressing a major employee concern

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