Slideshow Fastest growing large-group brokerages with revenue under $10M

  • May 29 2015, 11:28am EDT


Of the top 50 large-group brokerages in the U.S., the companies listed are firms with less than $10 million in large-group revenue that are experiencing positive year over year growth.

Revenues listed for the following insurance brokers are based on Form 5500 Schedule A data for large-group business submitted to the Department of Labor. As such, groups under 100 lives, government entities and church plans are not required to file. Any disclosure on Schedule C's are also not contemplated in these numbers.

18) Frenkel Benefits

Headquarters: New York
Year over year growth: 0.41%t
Revenue: $8,409,181

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17) Buck Consultants, a Xerox Company

Headquarters: New York
Year over year growth: 3.55%
Revenue: $8,803,722

16) M3 Insurance Solutions

Headquarters: Madison, Wis.
Year over year growth: 5.52%t
Revenue: $6,585,767

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15) Oswwald Companies

Headquarters: Cleveland
Year over year growth: 7.09%t
Revenue: $8,698,918

14) Relph Benefit Advisors

Headquarters: Rochester, N.Y.
Year over year growth: 9.80%t
Revenue: $7,296,152

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13) BenefitMall

Headquarters: Dallas
Year over year growth: 10.15%
Revenue: $8,255,848

12) Wortham Insurance

Headquarters: Houston, Texas
Year over year growth: 15.13%t
Revenue: $6,296,686

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11) Hodges Mace

Headquarters: Atlanta
Year over year growth: 15.53%t
Revenue: $9,269,938

* Hodges-Mace is a broker partner and accepts assignment of commissions as compensation for face-to-face communication and/or technology work.

10) Leavitt Group

Headquarters: Cedar City, Utah
Year over year growth: 20.54%t
Revenue: $8,843,317

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9) Regions Insurance

Headquarters: Kokomo, Ind.
Year over year growth: 21.18%t
Revenue: $6,560,249

8) Burnham Benefits Insurance Services

Headquarters: Irvine, Calif.
Year over year growth: 25.09%t
Revenue: $7,430,147

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7) Hylant

Headquarters: Toledo, Ohio
Year over year growth: 26.00%t
Revenue: $8,586,555

6) Bolton & Company

Headquarters: Pasadena, Calif.
Year over year growth: 26.46%
Revenue: $6,322,751

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5) Assurance

Headquarters: Schaumburg, Ill.
Year over year growth: 30.20%t
Revenue: $6,312,114

4) American Benefits Consulting

Headquarters: New York
Year over year growth: 30.53%
Revenue: $8,672,899

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3) Sequoia

Headquarters: San Mateo, Calif.
Year over year growth: 54.88%
Revenue: $8,038,327

2) IMA

Headquarters: Denver
Year over year growth: 56.86%
Revenue: $7,248,689

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1) Workplace Solutions

Headquarters: Columbia, S.C.t
Year over year growth: 1,046.14%t
Revenue: $6,550,617