Slideshow From rate increases to 401(k) oversights, advisers react to the week's news

  • May 22 2015, 10:26am EDT
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It was a busy week in benefits. Private sector competition is beating out SHOP exchanges, carriers are considering post-King v. Burwell rate changes and the retirement industry is responding to the Supreme Court's decision on Tibble v. Edison. Here's how EBA readers are taking it all in.

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The value of EAPs

“Thank you for an article that speaks to the heart of EAP values. Too many diluted, loss leader hybrid programs mask themselves as 'EAP' failing to recognize the often lifesaving services offered through genuine models. As a result, clinical services remain suspect and care is compromised for the sake of pricing. Yet some HR/benefits professionals 'get it.’ They do recognize the differences in quality. So there is hope that as these diluted forms fail to respond others learn.”

Posted by George M.

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Thoughts on Aetna

“Minimal impact? 90% of your customers get a tax credit and the tax credit goes away and Aetna sees that as having a minimal impact? Guess again.”

Posted by Donald K.

“I support free enterprise and capitalism, but Aetna, other insurers, and big pharmaceuticals helped formulate Obamacare in collusion with Democrats but against the wishes of most Americans. Because of their cronyism, I have little sympathy with any losses they may suffer due to their own backroom deals.”

Posted by Frances R.

Read the article: Aetna mulls re-examined HIX rates post-Burwell.

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King v. Burwell

“I hope I am wrong but I see Roberts and/or Kennedy voting with the left on Burwell based on not wanting to cause harm to those who will lose coverage if they rule otherwise. In other words they will make a political decision as opposed to ruling on the legal merits of the case. The administration wins the case and can continue handing out subsidies.”

Posted by Bill H.

Read the article: Aetna mulls re-examined HIX rates post-Burwell.

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SHOP plans

“Valuable article to show prospects who want to look at SHOP. Facts don't lie and this presents telling view point.”

Posted by Janice M.

Read the article: Multi-carrier platform eclipses Calif. SHOP.

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Unnecessary oversight

“There will always be fund lineups with lower fees. This is unneeded oversight, which will cause additional lawsuits, and cause companies to think twice before putting a 401(k) plan in place for employees.”

Posted by Michael P.

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Get with the times

“Everyone has needs and the employment environment is the perfect setting to satisfy those needs. Unfortunately the process is antiquated … and technology alone will not resolve the shortcomings of the benefits process, but if technology and basic needs selling were integrated into the process, participation would be greater and more needs would be met. At a time when 3-D printers build homes, robots build everything, drones fly without pilots and autonomous cars, the employee benefits process should also move into the 21st century.”

Posted by Samuel L.

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