Slideshow How NAHU's 2014 initiatives paid off

  • April 15 2015, 3:32am EDT
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The National Association of Health Underwriters represents more than 100,000 licensed health insurance agents, brokers, general agents, consultants and benefit professionals through more than 200 chapters across America. And that means a lot of Capitol Hill meetings, country wide travel and political fundraising. NAHU breaks down how the organization spent its time and invested its funds in 2014.

NAHU staff on the Hill

• Made 223 visits to Capitol Hill, White House offices and federal agencies to advocate on behalf of the association’s legislative priorities.

• Attended 91 political meetings and 33 federal agency meetings.

• Attended 210 fundraisers on behalf of HUPAC.

• Attended 50 briefings from Inside-the-Beltway groups.

• Attended 32 hearings and 148 coalition meetings.

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Grassroots effort

NAHU transitioned to a new grassroots system to strengthen its collective voice at the federal and state level. In 2014, more than 3,500 members took part to send more than 10,000 messages to legislators about issues important to advisers.

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Visiting other chapters

NAHU staff traveled across the country, visiting 67 NAHU chapters for events, meetings, symposiums, summits and expos. NAHU staff also attended 14 conferences and completed nine projects.

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Involved in politics

• HUPAC backed 210 candidates with a 91% success rate.

• The Washington, D.C., team attended more than 200 events to educate and form strong relationships with members of Congress.

• NAHU members attended 54 local events and contributed more than $55,000 HUPAC dollars to candidates in their district in the last nine months of 2014.

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Public relations

• NAHU had more than 7,600 press hits in a variety of different top-tier media.

• NAHU’s first phase of the national media campaign included the creation of a new agent-finder website. The first phase also included 176 Google-searched health insurance-related keywords along with 39 new internet advertisements.

• The second and final phase of the campaign included a national radio tour and an internet ad campaign.

• NAHU issued 25 press releases at the national level.

• NAHU issued 20 letters-to-the-editor and six opinion-editorials on key issues.

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Chapter certifications

• Eleven chapters qualified for the Blue Ribbon of Excellence.

• Seven chapters qualified for the Platinum Certification.

• Seventy-one chapters qualified for Gold Certification.

• Thirty-one chapters qualified at the Silver Certification.

• There are 213 state and local chapters in the chapter certification program; 56% of chapters are certified.

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New members

• NAHU welcomed more than 2,900 members.

• The average retention rate for the year was 82%.

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