Slideshow Is the insurance industry ‘governed by greed?’

  • October 30 2015, 2:07am EDT
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The ADP-Zenefits lawsuit, wellness programs, workplace stress management and the ACA all made headlines this week. Here’s what EBA readers had to say about each topic.

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Wellness programs are ‘nice to have but not essential’

“They are nice to have but not essential. Warm and fuzzy stuff, for which ROI cannot be verified.”

Posted by Vincent P

How do employers rate wellness programs?

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‘Both parties will come out better’

“I suspect both parties will come out better for the competition and the ultimate winners will be the public who seeks their services. That is what capitalism is all about.”

Posted by Frances R

ADP drops defamation lawsuit against Zenefits

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‘Quit blaming everything on politics’

“Quit blaming everything on politics. The decision to not do the right thing in the insurance industry is an MBA corporate decision governed by GREED.”

Posted by Helene S

Cost of ACA health premiums are climbing

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What’s the impact of stress?

“Would be curious to find out the impact of stress levels on health care costs independent of any other existing risk factors or chronic conditions.”

Posted by Ralph C

The unique benefit Google, Aetna and Boeing all offer

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