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7 intriguing tech solutions for benefit brokers and their clients

Providing employee benefits involves more than quoting medical insurance premiums and assembling a decent retirement package. Clients expect cutting-edge, intuitive technologies to help them administer their benefits and increase employee engagement. Here are seven technology providers that deliver employee benefit solutions tailored for today’s workforce.

Discovery Benefits

Discovery Benefits offers LEAP, a proprietary, cloud-based administration, communication and reporting tool for benefit brokers and their employer clients. LEAP features plan setup and renewal tools, provides account transparency and manages employee access. The app also allows employers to conduct non-discrimination testing for plan compliance.

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Tango Card

Setting up a financial or physical wellness plan is all well and good but without incentives, it’s bound to be ignored. Tango Card offers digital rewards to spark employee interest and engagement via a Reward Delivery Platform that distributes and manages the dispersal of e-gift cards to Apple iTunes or App store, Nordstoms, Target and other major retail, entertainment and dining providers. TangoCard also offers international e-gift cards, digital prepaid cards such as Visa and Mastercard, and non-profit donations such as the American Cancer Society, Girls Who Code, Habitat for Humanity, and more.

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Along with answering employers’ healthcare questions, DirectPath offers counsel on FSAs, HSAs, and HRAs. Its Nurse Navigators solution explains an employee’s clinical diagnosis and treatment options, and will coordinate services across doctors and therapists and help patients manage their chronic medical conditions. DirectPath Benefits Educators help employees navigate the dense US healthcare landscape and suggests wellness programs along the way. For employers swamped with compliance materials like Summary Plan Descriptions, Summary of Benefits and Coverage, Summary of Modification Materials, DirectPath’s broker tools can step in and take over this critical task.

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Alight Solutions

Alight Solutions’ new WealthSpark personal financial wellness platform incorporates parent company Alliance Bernstein’s investment portfolios and Personal Capital’s digital wealth management tools to give employees greater insight into their retirement savings. The cloud-based platform’s investment tips are based on 18 individualized data points reflecting employees’ individual financial situations, including investment accounts outside of their retirement plans, their partners’ financial situation and any financial obligations.

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HR technology platform Namely serves small to medium-sized companies with a variety of solutions that include employee benefit enrollment tools, a unified payroll feature that offers automatic benefit reductions, tax filing, staff time management and year end reporting for the IRS. Employees also have access to a mobile on-demand care and prescriptions app. Pet and ID theft insurance? Namely offers that, too.

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With heart disease, obesity and other health conditions rampant in today’s ageing workforce, ConnectHealth supports chronic disease management with data analysis and AI-driven behavior modification tools. The Chicago-based firm offers a cloud-based health data monitoring platform, a structured approach to support and monitor patients remotely, a proprietary user interface, and an array of apps and gamification tools such as a virtual health coach to help the employee make behavioral changes to their lifestyle.

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Persona Labs

Gamification is helping sales team meet their goals and workers to up their quality, but it still lags for having an impact in the employee benefit space. “Gamification can get more people to participate, to appreciate a program’s benefits,” says Persona Labs CEO Jim Wexler. The company offers AI-powered talent assessment tools that can help employers to not only hire the right talent but to recognize what characteristics their top performers share to accomplish their daily tasks.

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