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The 50 best places to work in 2017 – Part 1

As the new year begins, employers across the nation are aiming to recruit and retain top talent to help their business grow. Some employers, of course, are doing a better job than others.

Now in its ninth edition, Glassdoor’s 2017 “Best Places to Work” list is based on employee-submitted reviews collected since November 2015. To be eligible, an organization needed to receive at least 75 employee reviews over the past year.

Here are the employers selected in spots 26-50. EBN will run the top 25 employers in part 2 later this week.
1. Wegmans.png

50. Wegmans Food Markets

Dropping from No. 29 in 2016, Wegmans has remained in the top 50 list since 2014. One employee says of the grocer: “Great employer that looks out for employees. Great benefits. Great pay. Easy to move up and advance. Promote from within first".
2. Gensler.png

49. Gensler

The global architecture and design firm took a slight dip from 2016 (No. 38), but as one worker says, “I am happy to go to work each day because I work with a such talented people, on beautiful, innovative projects for outstanding, appreciative clients. It’s a great position to be in."
3. QuikTrip.png

48. QuikTrip

Remaining in the same position from 2016, the convenience store chain has made Glassdoor’s list four times, and as one employee notes, “All around great company to work for awesome pay and benefits.”
4. EJ Gallo.png

47. E. & J. Gallo Winery

The California-based winery has made its debut on the list this year at No. 47. One employee praises the “ability to move around the company whether it’s different wineries or just different departments” and says “work/life balance is real” at the company.
5. Aegis Living.png

46. Aegis Living

Another first timer on the list, the assisted living provider is lauded for its leadership team, as one employee notes, “our leadership is committed to the importance of valuing co-workers, residents and families alike.”
6. IKEA.png

45. IKEA

The Swiss home furnishing giant has made its second mark on Glassdoor’s best places to work list. With a notably positive culture, many employees say IKEA is a “great company with great benefits and a strong future and ability to move up.”

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7. Mayo Clinic.png

44. Mayo Clinic

After dropping off the list in 2016, the Mayo Clinic is back for the third time on Glassdoor’s annual list and is known as a company with “good benefits” and “lots of opportunity to move up and/or switch departments to better yourself.”
8. Canes.png

43. Raising Cane’s

The chicken finger fast food chain is another employer making the list for the first time this year. A number of workers have noted an excellent culture, with one worker mentioning that “the senior management is relatable.”
9. Texas Instruments.png

42. Texas Instruments

The technology manufacturer has moved up three spots since the last time it made the list in 2014. One worker notes of the culture: “At TI, supervisors and mentors take a lot of effort to ensure that they build the next level of technical leaders and thinkers. TI has one of the best work ethics I have seen in my discussion with my peers like providing flexible work hours and schedules based on someone’s personal constraints.”
10. BASF.png

41. BASF Corporation

With another debut this year, the Germany-based chemical company has “a strong ‘learning culture,” where questions are always welcomed and are seen as employees’ interest in growing.

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11. SpaceX.png

40. SpaceX

The aerospace manufacturer rocketed into the Glassdoor list for the first time this year. Employees praise their “incredibly competent and brilliant coworkers,” as well as “the ability to see your work actually making a difference.”
12. FedEx.png

39. FedEx

The Memphis, Tenn.-based delivery courier is noted as being “the best job ever.” Workers note the company’s “good salary, excellent benefits, great equipment and the best management” as some of the many reasons why it’s a great place to work.
13. Lululemon.png

38. Lululemon

The athletic apparel retailer nets a 4.2 rating (out of 5) on Glassdoor, earning its spot at No. 38 this year. Along with a positive working culture, one employee particularly loves “all the development opportunities the company offers.”
14. Microsoft.png

37. Microsoft

The mega-tech company is another employer that puts a strong focus on its workers. One employee notes, “You get what you put in. If you want a good work/life balance you can do that and be successful, or if you want to put in a lot of extra hours you’ll be recognized.”

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15. Apple.png

36. Apple

Another mega-tech company, Apple, has made Glassdoor’s list every year since 2009. Although taking a drop from last year (No. 25), employees are still positive about their experiences. One worker says: “There are limitless advancement opportunities. You work with some very cool people and the leadership cares about your development. You may get coaching but you never get battered or belittled.”
16. Airbnb.png

35. Airbnb

The peer-to-peer lodging tech company took a massive dive from its No. 1 position last year, but still keeps a 4.1 rating trend on Glassdoor. Although one employee says the culture is aggressively political in nature, they do say that there is “lots of opportunity to grow on the software side if you are a strong performer and execute well. If you completely buy into the culture in all aspects, this will be the best job you ever have.”
17. Costco.png

34. Costco Wholesale

Jumping from the No. 40 spot last year, Costco has maintained a spot on the list five years running. One employee notes Costco offers “very affordable high quality health insurance benefits, even for part-time employees,” and is “great for working parents who split up child care and need coverage.”
18. Trader Joe.png

33. Trader Joe’s

Missing on the Glassdoor list since 2013, the California-based grocery chain has made it back on list this year. Employees praise the company’s “positive work environment,” and note the employer’s regular raises for good performance and dental and vision benefits, even for part-time workers.
19, Genentech.png

32. Genentech

Up two spots from 2016, the biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturer is a mission-driven employer and provides “great culture” with a “focus on employees and benefits,” according to one review.
20. Keller Williams.png

31. Keller Williams

The realty company earns a 4.3 overall review on Glassdoor’s site. With a strong emphasis on its employees, workers commend the employer’s values of training, opportunity, growth and integrity. “They teach you how to run a business and truly offer areas within the company,” one worker says.
21. NVIDIA.png


The technology company, based in Santa Clara, Calif., has moved up six spots since its last time on the list in 2015. One employee says “the company moves very quickly to market trends and is adept at change,” and that the CEO is “an absolute visionary.”
22. Zillow.png

29. Zillow

After a small tumble from its 11th position last year, the online real estate database company has built a culture of mutual appreciation. “I have enjoyed my experience at Zillow from Day 1,” one worker says. “I feel valued, appreciated and respected — all of which makes me look forward to coming to work.”
23. Southwest.png

28. Southwest Airlines

Soaring up 14 spots from last year, the airline carrier has made its way into this list for the eighth consecutive year. “They take their time with their hiring process and it works,” says one employee. “Because every leader I’ve met has always made me feel like my work was appreciated and made difference.”
24. HEB.png

27. H E B

The Texas-based grocery chain is praised by employees for its commitment to a positive workplace. One employee says it’s a “professional and comfortable workplace with great culture and values,” adding that the company also has “exceptional leadership and guidance.”
25. Johnson and Johnson.png

26. Johnson & Johnson

Last included on Glassdoor’s list in 2012, the biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturer is lauded for its benefits package and workplace culture. One employee notes of its “professional environment” and “excellent leadership.”