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The 50 best places to work in 2018, firms 1-25

Employers across the nation are aiming to recruit and retain top talent to help their business grow. Some employers, of course, are doing a better job than others.

Now in its 10th edition, Glassdoor’s 2018 “Best Places to Work” list is based on employee-submitted reviews collected between Nov. 1, 2016 and Oct. 22, 2017. To be eligible, an organization needed to receive at least 75 employee reviews within the past year and must employ 1,000 or more workers.

Winners are ranked based on their overall employee ranking achieved during the past year. (Employee rankings are based on a 5-point scale: 1.0=very dissatisfied, 3.0=OK, 5.0=very satisfied; Actual calculations extend beyond the thousandth decimal place).

Here are the employers selected in the top 25. Employers ranked 26-50 can be seen here.
1. Fast Enterprises.PNG

25. Fast enterprise

Employee ranking: 4.4

The Colorado-based software company is a company where you “work hard and play hard,” one employee writes. “If you love tech, this is a great place. Fast-paced and challenging work environment. You will work with a lot of interesting and friendly people. Excellent benefits. Competitive salary and benefits with other major tech companies.”
2. Nvidia.PNG

24. Nvidia

Employee ranking: 4.4

Nvidia, a computer hardware and software developer in Santa Clara, Calif., has a great working environment, according to one employee. “Colleagues are very helpful and extremely smart. Everything happens here at speed of light. Lots of amazing benefits that are [the] best in the industry. The company believes in transparency and we can see this value in its culture.”
3. SouthWest.PNG

23. Southwest Airlines

Employee ranking: 4.4

The airline carrier is a “great company to work for,” reads one review. “Company with a heart, great working environment, fun teams, fast-paced work, leaders who care about employee development, excellent benefits, and an all-around enjoyment to go to work each day for the company.”
4. DocuSign.PNG

22. DocuSign

Employee ranking: 4.4

The San Francisco-based software developer provides an “ideal work-life balance,” one employee says. The employee review continues: “It sounds trite, but the people make DocuSign an amazing place to work. Everyone I have met during my time at DocuSign has been kind, considerate, and generally happy people, which makes it a pleasure to come into work each day.”
5. LinkedIn.PNG

21. LinkedIn

Employee ranking: 4.5

According to one employee, working for the social media giant offers the opportunity to “work with brilliant people (especially my manager, who also doubles as a great mentor for me).” The employee continues: “Great perks (free food, free coffee bar [that] rivals Starbucks, free juice bar, free ice cream bar), great energy in the company to get things done (motivated by a sense of how much of a difference the products make in the lives of people in earning their livelihood or taking it to the next level). Feel proud to work here.”

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20. HEB

Employee ranking: 4.5

The Texas-based grocer is a “great company for developers,” reads one review. “Fun culture, latest tech, leaders and company value each person. [Employees] are a name, not a number.”
7. Church of Jesus Christ.PNG

19. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Employee ranking: 4.5

“Great benefits and excellent family values,” headlines one review of the Utah-based religious group. “Though not an official policy, we are frequently allowed to work from home. The benefits are great with 401(k) matching, pension plan for those grandfathered in and a retirement savings fund for those who are not. Excellent dental and medical coverage. You work with people who don’t swear, drink, smoke and have the same values. It makes the work environment so pleasant.”
8. Academy Mortgage.PNG

18. Academy Mortgage

Employee ranking: 4.5

The Draper, Utah-based mortgage lender has “great management and support teams to help guide and educate,” says one employee.

The company also “believes in life work-balance,” the employee notes, as it is “very understanding and accommodating to personal and family time off. Promotes a happy workplace. This is a great place to work.”
9. Delta Airlines.PNG

17. Delta Airlines

Employee ranking: 4.5

One employee says working at the Atlanta, Ga.-based airline carrier “couldn’t be better.”

“Delta provides industry leading compensation and benefits, while adding the incredible best travel benefits in the industry as well,” the employee review reads. “Delta as an airline is top-notch, as all rankings indicate, increasing job security and profit sharing. Safety is a top-tier focus in all facets of the company.”
10., Power Homes.PNG

16. Power Home Remodeling

Employee ranking: 4.5

The construction company, based out of Chester, Pa., is a place where workers want to be, according to employee reviews.

“Power isn’t just a job that you walk into at 9 a.m. and promptly leave at 5 p.m. with no emotional attachment,” reads one employee review. “This is a career where you find yourself coming in earlier and staying later, not because you have to but solely because you want to. Power is a community where your peers and colleagues constantly encourage you to be your best.”
6. Salesforce.PNG

15. Salesforce

Employee ranking: 4.5

“Best. Company. Ever,” reads one review of the San Francisco software company. “This is one amazing place to work. Execs, across the board, are open and interested in your ideas — from any level. The level of transparency is mind-blowing: from [CEO] Marc [Benioff] sharing his yearly objectives on company-wide TV (where all employees can view and participate), to every single employee’s annual goals posted for all to see — it’s phenomenal to walk into a meeting with someone where you know what’s important to them, and be able to share how your common goals can be accelerated by working together.”
11. E and J Gallo Winery.PNG

14. E. and J. Gallo Winery

Employee ranking: 4.5

The California-based beverage manufacturer is an “amazing organization,” says one worker. “Great values and still holds true to a family-focused company. Amazing benefits and a solid work-life balance. They invest in your education, your development, and are always exploring new opportunities to expand in the organization. Would highly recommend.”
12. Keller Williams.PNG

13. Keller Williams

Employee ranking: 4.5

“The culture is amazing — you’ve never met a more caring company,” according to one reviewer of the real estate firm in Austin, Texas. But the reviewer does warn, “Some of the new developments (like team leads) seem to be more vendor focused. If you lose your agent focus, you’ll lose what makes you so special!”
13. McKinsey.PNG

12. McKinsey & Company

Employee ranking: 4.5

The New York City consulting agency has “great people, great support and an impact-oriented atmosphere,” one employee writes. “The training and development opportunities at McKinsey are incredible. The firm places a tremendous amount of time and resources to ensure new colleagues are set up for success and can help clients solve their toughest problems from day one.”

11. SAP

Employee ranking: 4.5

The Germany-based software provider is great for millennials, one employee writes. “The SAP culture is one of teamwork and empathy. I have always felt that my colleagues and mentors are there to help me, answer any and all questions, and support me throughout my career journey.”
2. UltimateSoftware1.PNG

10. Ultimate Software

Employee ranking: 4.5

The Florida-based software company boasts an impressive culture, employees say. “The culture and the values are truly the foundation of this place,” one employee writes. “The culture of caring for people first comes from our CEO and it is felt and shared by almost everyone. Everyone is welcome, women are empowered, minorities are empowered. Hard work is recognized and pays off. Great benefits, and work-life balance is encouraged.”
14. St. Jude.PNG

9. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Employee ranking: 4.5

The healthcare nonprofit, based out of Memphis, Tenn., is a “truly great place to work,” in part because of its commitment to work-life balance, employees say.

According to one worker, “the administration at SJ really wants all employees to have work-life balance. To assist employees with this, they have a first-class gym on campus, with free membership to all employees. They offer group exercise programs or, you may choose to take an afternoon bike ride with other employees.”
16. WWT1.PNG

8. World Wide Technology

Employee ranking: 4.5

The Missouri technology company is “one of the best,” according to one worker. “I started off as an intern and was fortunate enough to become full-time about four years ago. I’ve been fortunate enough to hold a plethora of different roles and management has always encouraged me to invest in myself and learn as much about the business as possible. I’ve never worked at a different company, so it’s hard to compare culture, but I can’t imagine many other companies are encouraging their employees to cross train with other departments, holding future leader classes, or investing in their employees as much as WWT does.”
15. HubSpot.PNG

7. HubSpot

Employee ranking: 4.6

The Cambridge, Mass.-based marketing technology firm is a “great place to work. Seriously,” reads one review. “There’s a reason HubSpot keeps winning ‘Best Place to Work’ awards,” the review continues. “It really is a great place to be. The company truly cares about the well-being of their employees and shows that through great benefits and perks, transparency with employees on the direction of the company, and a strong management team.”
16. Lululemon.PNG

6. Lululemon

Employee ranking: 4.6

The Canadian athletic apparel store is an “amazing company to work for,” says one employee. “Awesome team members, ongoing personal and professional development and a great company culture,” are a few of the many qualities the review says make the company a great place to work.
17. Google.PNG

5. Google

Employee ranking: 4.6

The tech titan offers “excellent benefits” and “excellent products,” according to employees.

One employee writes: “Extremely intelligent and competent coworkers, exciting products, great management, amazing perks (insurance options, food, discounts on almost everything), opportunity to travel.”
17. IN-n-Out.PNG

4. In-N-Out Burger

Employee ranking: 4.6

Employees of the Irvine, Calif.-based fast food chain praise In-N-Out for its great benefits, including flexible work schedules.

One employee review reads: “Extremely flexible with scheduling, you work with similar personalities so everyone tends to get along, you move up quickly, you genuinely feel appreciated 9 times out 10, free meal every day that you work, great pay and excellent benefits for a rewarding job.”
18. Boston Consulting.PNG

3. Boston Consulting Group

Employee ranking: 4.6

“Best firm in the world,” headlines one employee’s review. “Highly prestigious, unlimited growth potential, top-notch training, peers are the smartest/most creative in the world, free food and drinks all the time,” the worker says of the Boston-based consulting agency.
19. Bain & Company.PNG

2. Bain & Company

Employee ranking: 4.6

For one employee, the Boston consulting firm is a “fantastic place to start and continue your career” due to the firm’s robust professional development benefits.

According to the review, “Bain excels at the fundamentals of management consulting, driving results for clients. We work with change oriented executives to drive transformational change throughout organizations in the toughest areas. We work collaboratively with our clients and enable the organization from top to bottom to own and drive change. The other huge benefit is the support you have to ensure you are thriving personally and professionally. The attention to professional development is a skills accelerator and helps you achieve your professional development goals and explore your interests.”

1. Facebook

Employee ranking: 4.6

The social media giant offers an “impact like nowhere else,” one employee notes.

Facebook employees have the “opportunity to build a product that billions of people use around the world,” one employee writes. In addition, Facebook offers “great perks” including health benefits, free food, transportation benefits and bonuses, as well as a “great culture focused on connecting the world.”