Slideshow Top 10 Activities for Million-Dollar Producers

  • March 23 2011, 12:00am EDT

Top 10 Activities for Million-Dollar Producers

A study of million-dollar producers conducted by Peak Advisor Alliance indicated that 10 key activities accounted for approximately 75% of their average week. Steve Sanduski, the author of our new blog, "The Prosperous Advisor," examines these activities and why they are so critical.

Check out Sanduski´s countdown of the top ten in the order of the percentage of time million-dollar products spent in each area.

1. Reviewing Client Goals and Objectives, Managing Assets and Research

This is your main role as an advisor — spending the time to help ensure your clients’ goals and objectives are being met.

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2. Communicating With A+ Clients

AT&T used to say, “Reach out and touch someone.” Top advisors spend significant time reaching out to their best clients via quick phone calls, emails or notes.

3. Taking Care of Health and Fitness

You can’t help your clients if you’re in poor health. A side benefit here is as your health improves, so does your energy level—and that enables you to get more done.

4. Deepening Expertise Through Reading, Attending Conferences, Coaching and Peer Networking

Top producers are always growing—and that means growing their professional expertise and actively seeking new peer-to-peer relationships.

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5. Cultivating A+ Referrals

New clients are the lifeblood of a healthy business and top producers actively cultivate new A+ referrals through various business-building activities.

6. Deepening Relationship with A+ and A Clients

In order to receive new referrals from A+ clients, you have to do a great job for your best clients and help them see the value you provide. Spending time with them to deepen the relationship, whether it’s in a professional or social setting, is the way to do it.

7. Developing Centers of Influence

By expanding your network to include centers of influence, you can grow your business exponentially.

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8. Planning/Thinking Time

Striking the right balance between planning and implementing is a key skill of top producers.

9. Meeting With And Delivering Solutions to A+ and A Clients

Whether you meet quarterly or annually, effectively keeping your top clients up-to-date on their situation is a key part of every advisors job.

10. Meeting With Staff to Make Decisions, Guide and Motivate

You can’t do it alone and expect to have a growing million-dollar business. Top producers know the critical importance of having a sharp and motivated team.