Slideshow Top 10 health care issues of 2015

  • January 20 2015, 2:20am EST
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The list of top issues was presented during Bloomberg BNA's 2015 Outlook on Health Care on Jan. 14 in Washington, D.C.

1) King v. Burwell

Will the ACA subsidies remain the law once the Supreme Court rules on this case? The high court will hear the case in March and a decision is expected by June. [Image: Fotolia]

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2) Enrollment

Will additional new uninsured patients enroll in the private plans offered in the exchanges or are we just seeing insured people move from employer-based to exchanged-based coverage? [Image: Fotolia]

3) Exchange plan networks

Will regulators issue more restrictive regulations on issuers? [Image: Fotolia]

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4) Congressional action

What will the new Republican-controlled Congress do with regard to the ACA? [Image: Fotolia]

5) Final rules

What will final rules look like for the 2016 benefit and payment parameters for qualified health plans, stand-alone dental plans and exchanges? [Image: Fotolia]

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6) Contract changes

Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan 2015 and 2016 contract changes. [Image: Fotolia]

7) Rising drug costs

The impact of rising drug costs, specialty drugs in particular, on patients' out-of-pocket costs and on insurers. [Image: Fotolia]

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8) Employer mandate

The impact of the employer mandate on employer coverage and on businesses. Will companies move employees to part-time? [Image: Fotolia]

9) Risk corridors

The functioning of the ACA's risk adjustment programs and opposition to the risk corridors program. [Image: Fotolia]

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10) Medicare

Fixing and paying for the Medicare sustainable growth rate formula and the impact on private Medigap policies. [Image: Fotolia]