Top 20 jobs for college graduates
As thousands of students walk across the stage to collect their collegiate diplomas, and will continue to do so in the next few weeks, employers can expect to see an influx of job applicants entering the workforce. So what are the top jobs this year for college graduates? To answer that question, Glassdoor has put together this list.

The peer-review site created the list of top 20 jobs by identifying the most common job titles that college graduates held in the first five years of their careers, based on the 50 most common college majors.
20. Tutor
Top majors: English, Spanish, Physics

Median base pay: $36,000
19. Customer service representative
Top majors: Criminal Justice, Sociology, History

Median base pay: $35,000
16. Substitute teacher.jpg
18. Substitute teacher
Top majors: Education, Liberal Arts, Music

Median base pay: $25,000
5. Pharmacy Manager
17. Pharmacy technician
Top majors: Biology, Anthropology, Health Sciences

Median base pay: $32,000
1. Lab scientist.jpg
16. Lab technician
Top majors: Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry

Median base pay: $39,000
6. Encourage.jpg
15. Operations manager
Top majors: Business, Sports Management, Hospitality Management

Median base pay: $59,000
14. Financial analyst
Top majors: Finance, Economics, Accounting

Median base pay: $64,453
7. Web developer.jpg
13. Web developer
Top majors: Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology, Philosophy

Median base pay: $60,960
7. Marketing coordinator.jpg
12. Marketing coordinator
Top majors: Marketing, Communications, Public Relations

Median base pay: $43,000
9. Civil engineer.jpg
11. Engineer
Top majors: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering

Median base pay: $70,500
10. Data analyst
Top majors: Mathematics, Information Technology, Economics

Median base pay: $60,000
23. Recruiting coordinator.jpg
9. Case manager
Top majors: Psychology, Nursing, Criminal Justice

Median base pay: $37,000
3. Software engineer.jpg
8. Software engineer
Top majors: Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology

Median base pay: $90,000
0. Social Media.jpg
7. Social media manager
Top majors: Communications, English, Public Relations

Median base pay: $44,000
22. Technical account manager.jpg
6. Account manager
Top majors: Business, Marketing, Communications

Median base pay: $50,000
6. Encourage.jpg
5. Administrative assistant
Top majors: Business, Psychology, Communications

Median base pay: $40,000
15. Library assistant.jpg
4. Intern
Top majors: Psychology, Finance, Economics

Median base pay: $30,000
3. Teaching assistant
Top majors: Computer Science and engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Median base pay: $20,000
3. Research technician.jpg
2. Research assistant
Top majors: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Median base pay: $28,855
4. Retail sales.jpg
1. Sales associate
Top majors: Business, English, Political Science

Median base pay: $38,000