Slideshow What qualifies an insurance delivery system as an exchange?

  • January 29 2016, 12:44pm EST


From Fidelity entering the healthcare space to the complexity of the Affordable Care Act, EBA readers share their views on a variety of topics this week.

‘What makes this an exchange?’

“If the individual member does not get to choose from multiple carriers what makes this an exchange? It’s really nothing more than a ben-admin system like thousands of other employers have but then they add all sorts of direct to consumer marketing on it to generate additional revenue for themselves.”

Posted by Bill H

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‘Every aspect of life seems to require consulting a lawyer’

“It saddens me from the standpoint that our society is reaching the point where every aspect of life seems to require consulting a lawyer to make sure our government won't be penalizing us or we won't get sued or fired. I wonder if I should have consulted a lawyer before posting this?”

Posted by Bill H

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Addressing a ‘silent problem’

“When we begin addressing the issue of health, financial wellness and productivity, we must consider how the eldercare responsibilities of our employees affect those issues. Let us make 2016 the year we bring this (mostly silent) problem into the spotlight!”

Posted by Veronica W

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‘Telehealth a good idea’ for some conditions

“Telehealth is a good idea … for obvious conditions where the doctor is almost certainly going to do little more than ask a few questions and issue a prescription. I get the feeling from this article that they are heading down a slippery slope where they want to see telehealth as a much more prominent aspect of primary health, especially as the shortage of primary providers gets worse.”

Posted by Bill H

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