Beltz Ianni syncs adviser career goals and client success with new revenue structure

Retirement Adviser of the Year Bob Judd shares how escaping the traditional ‘sell, sell, sell’ environment transformed his business.

JUDD: One of the things that I hope to do in this -- what will be my final company, is to really make a difference on the front-end for both plan sponsors and plan participants. So the more that we can make the opportunity for plan participants to be successful and retire successfully, and the more I can build up our millennial employees to take over the company.

The idea was that we would change the company from a commission structure to a re-occurring revenue registered investment advisory firm and really change the mix of products so that we were selling less commission products and more advisory type products. So that's when I came in. I brought four people in from my prior company and we really focused on being a fiduciary to plans and sold off our healthcare business, and used that money to help fund bringing in some of these other folks. And what happened was we basically were -- we made a change from a sell, sell, sell type of environment that's historically been the case and people who are generally working in healthcare and retirement plans and insurance, and really changing to a specialty where we have folks that are experts in each area and everybody brings together what the total package is.