EBS Insurance Brokers overcomes common wellness program challenges

Creating an impactful plan starts with a strong culture of health, says 2017 Wellness Adviser of the Year Valeria Tivnan.

TIVNAN: Work with clients in which -- first of all they have no budget whatsoever and it gets limited. You can still do wellness with very limited or no budget, but it gets very restrictive, the programs that we can provide. Other challenges have been clients that are not really willing to follow the best practices of wellness and cut corners in what programs and strategies that they are going to offer.

So an impact for wellness program is one that is built on top of a strong culture of health that you build in your workforce. You have all the spectrum and people with very different stages of change and different motivations to engage in different programs. So if you offer a variety of things, you know, most likely you will give people opportunity of choice and also, you know, matching that program when they are ready to engage in the program.