Axial Benefits Group looks at employer-provided healthcare differently

EBA 2017 Adviser of the Year Mick Rodgers explains how small- and mid-size companies can band together to reduce risk and improve stability.

RODGERS: We’ve been able to take multiple companies, multiple small and midsized companies, join them together so that they can act like a larger 10,000 life company in the insurance markets. And what that does, is it allows the smaller and midsized companies to access healthcare differently. When you buy in bulk, you get discounts. What happens in the healthcare from a risk side is as you get that bulk, not only do you get the bulk discount, but you get the stability and the predictability that come with that size. And that’s something that you can utilize year over year to predict pricing and create a situation where any of the unused premiums for that large, aggregated group from one of our coalitions can then come back to the different independent members.