The simple fix that will improve voluntary benefit sales

Producers who change the way they frame the products will ‘see business skyrocket,’ says EBA’s 2017 Voluntary Adviser of the Year Eric Silverman.

SILVERMAN: Stop calling it voluntary. I really don’t know where that came from, I didn’t create it. Voluntary, ancillary, sounds like a medicine. No wonder people have trouble selling ancillary, voluntary, “If your employees want to buy it type stuff.” Supplemental, work-site – I mean, there are so many different terms for the industry.
I like positive terminology, I like superlatives. What about enhanced? It’s not just the sales and marketing thing. Words are powerful things, word choice proves paramount and when brokers finally change the conversation and change how they say -- and they move voluntary to enhanced, they’re going to see their “voluntary” enhanced benefit business skyrocket.