Too often, HR/benefits pros start the request for proposal (RFP) process like a game of Vegas roulette – with a feeling of what might be a winner, but without a clear understanding of the odds … or the consequences.

Don’t bet your benefits on the wrong partner! There are proven ways to structure your RFP to make sure the house always wins – and they all start with asking the right questions.

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· How to get the straightforward RFP responses you need – without all the bloated buzzwords you don’t.
· Strategies to prune RFP questions so potential vendor partners are clear on your organization’s goals and expected outcomes from day one.
· The one question no one ever asks in RFPs, but sets the stage for a successful vendor partnership every time.

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Key Speakers

Lisa Boyd
Principal, Curcio Webb
Rae Shanahan
EVP Engagement & Excellence, Businessolver
Dave Hulsen
Co-Founder; RFP365