With healthcare costs rising at an unsustainable rate, creating a benefits package with real value to both employers and employees can seem increasingly complex and difficult to achieve. Striving to provide the right care services – ones that are easy for employees to use, and designed to increase engagement while being mindful of costs – is a tricky balancing act.

Today, more people than ever are connected by internet and mobile devices. Integrating patient, pharmacy and provider data with advances in technology is transforming how we navigate the right care experience. During this webinar, we will explore how brokers can assess their clients approach to healthcare benefits and identify the next steps including:

· How to build a benefit package with a complete spectrum of services
· Tools to address the most costly claimants
· How to empower employees to make smarter healthcare choices

Key Speakers

Bruce Shutan
Contributing Editor, Employee Benefits News/ Adviser
Anne Stowell
Vice President of Member Experience, Teladoc