The last thing you’re in the mood to do once open enrollment is finally over is…think a little more about open enrollment. Here’s the thing, though: if you don’t hold a thoughtful and thorough review while this year’s experience is still fresh, your team is missing out on a huge opportunity to integrate important OE insights into all your benefits communications next year.

In this webinar, Jellyvision’s David Daskal will share 7 tips for taking stock of this past year—and setting meaningful goals for 2018—used by best-in-class HR teams who are always learning and improving.

Whether you’re part of a big team or a small-but-mighty benefits group, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get and measure feedback from key stakeholders, and use it to set challenging-but-doable benchmarks and goals
  • Identify your most—and least—effective benefits communication channels
  • Lovingly tweak your benefits messages so they’re aligned with what your employees care about most
  • Hash out a communication plan for the first quarter of 2018 that’ll help employee understand and use their plans better
  • And more!

Key Speakers

Lynn Gresham
Moderator: Contributing Editor Employee Benefit News and Employee Benefit Adviser
David Daskal
Benefits Communication Expert ALEX by Jellyvision