These devices are no longer just hot new toys—they can be serious tools for helping your employees develop healthier habits and improve their well-being. But they come with plenty of questions: How can employers choose the right device, figure out how to structure use, and maximize the benefit for their people?

We’ll hear from speakers who have real-world guidance to offer on topics including:
· How wearables engage employees
· Smart ways for employers to integrate wearables into a wellness program — including do’s and don’ts
· The effect wearables had on one employer’s workforce

Helping your employees get the most from your wellness program and create real, lasting lifestyle change is a sizeable goal for any human resources professional. Learn more so you can determine whether this popular wellness development is right for your organization.

Key Speakers

Chris Dancy
"Most connected man on earth"
Shana Pack
Wellness Program Manager, UVa
Shawn Moore
SVP Engagement, ActiveHealth Management
Lynn Gresham
Freelance Writer and Editor