Your clients and prospects have been knee deep in annual enrollment recently, focused on meeting deadlines and achieving enrollment goals. But the key to achieving these goals is to build a year-round health strategy. After enrollment is an opportune time for you, as their trusted advisor, to reach out and discuss strategies and goals as they head into their new benefit year.

In our one-hour web event, a panel of experts from Alight will discuss:

  • Tips to help employers keep their people aware of their benefits beyond enrollment time and using the right benefits at the moment they need them
  • How to best sift through the available enrollment data and provide insights and opportunities for your clients
  • Supporting your clients in navigating a complex healthcare environment and driving down health costs

Join us to get the insights and information you need to drive strategic post-enrollment conversations with clients and prospects.

Key Speakers

Craig Rosenberg
Health Solutions Leader, Alight
Heidi Henderson
Health Consumer Experience Leader
Josh Welch
Health Strategy leader, Alight
Lynn Gresham
Moderator: Contributing Editor Employee Benefit News and Employee Benefit Adviser