Benefits Administration can be a delicate, and even difficult balancing act for employers. From managing costs and administrative demands, to maintaining compliance, and integrating with workforce wellness plans, it’s not surprising that 3 in 4 employers called “mayday” and turned to benefits administration outsourcing in 2017. With the administrative difficulty level rising, and advisory competition increasing, it is now critical to become the partner of choice to relieve this distress. But how?

Join Scott Evans, Chief Product Officer at benefitexpress, this May Day, as he guides benefits advisors through the top considerations for building, buying or borrowing benefits administration technology solutions to offer clients. If you and your clients have benefits technology questions, Scott has answers. No more “mayday.” Answer their distress call on May 1.

Tangible webinar take-aways include:

  • How to assess your readiness: learn and identify the benefits administration business model that is right for you
  • Key criteria for evaluating potential benefits technology partners, plus a valuable checklist
  • How to create a benefits technology strategy for your business which is seen as an imperative – not a “value-add” – by your clients
  • Tips for staying competitive in a changing market, using your solutions portfolio

Key Speakers

Bruce Shutan
Contributing Editor, Employee Benefits News/ Adviser
Scott Evans
Chief Product Officer, benefitexpress