Beyond the Paycheck: Get full-time loyalty from part-time and gig workers

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One in five jobs is now held by a worker under contract, greatly reducing the burden on employers to provide benefits. The downside, however, is one of loyalty. Without these “sticky” benefits, gig workers are simply not as motivated to work for you.

A lack of benefits can also result in lower retention rates among your part-time staff, especially in this economy. Emboldened by a tight labor market, part-timers have more flexibility than ever and can demand higher wages when benefits aren’t on the table.

Join our webinar to understand the role benefits play in the gig economy and the evolving landscape of part-time work. You’ll learn:

· How technology and generational trends will continue supporting freelancers, contractors, temp staff, and other “alternative” workers
· How employers can provide benefits at little or no cost
· Which compliance and regulatory issues to consider

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Key Speakers
  • Jill Korsh
    Jill Korsh
  • Ben Conley v2
    Ben Conley
  • Sherri Bockhorst
    Sherri Bockhorst
  • Mike Meyerring
    Mike Meyerring