Build the dream: Constructing a cost-containment ecosystem for your organization

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In the U.S., the annual healthcare spend has reached more than $10,000 per person, with organizations shouldering much of the cost. With no other option, employers are actively looking into cost-saving solutions for their health and benefits programs. But cutting costs doesn’t have to mean sacrificing a better employee experience.

You can create a benefits strategy with proven cost-containment solutions that is a win-win for all involved.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

· Manage the employee benefits journey – How to simplify the employee experience & protect your bottom line
· Focus less on the money – How cost-cutting solutions like direct primary care and care navigation can benefit more than just financial goals
· Avoid legal conflict How to handle the inevitable balance bill & protect yourself legally
· It takes a village – How to identify benefit partners that will handle the nitty gritty & have your back

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Key Speakers
  • Nancy Reardon..
    Nancy Reardon
    Chief Product Officer Maestro Health
  • Doug Hetherington
    Doug Hetherington
    CEO & Founder, healtH2Business
  • Garrett Weldon
    Garrett Weldon
    VP of Provider Partnerships and Clinical Strategy, healtH2Business
  • Scott Bennett
    Scott Bennett
    Vice President of Access Innovation, Maestro Health