The U.S. healthcare system has reached a tipping point. Companies like Amazon are now joining the healthcare industry in an effort to drive down the ever-growing healthcare costs, and employers are now opting for a new way to manage their healthcare spend and are saving millions. Behind the current of these new healthcare approaches is a new reference-based pricing model.

While reference-based pricing is certainly not new, the model has improved and become a surefire way for employers to change the game of rising healthcare costs by letting go of the belief in the discounts offered by traditional networks. Instead, they’re opting for an innovative reference-based pricing model that drives down employer costs and increases employees’ access to quality healthcare by negotiating fair-market pricing with providers and hospitals.

Join Ray West, Chief Growth Officer at Maestro Health and Steve Kaltrider, Senior Product Director at Maestro Health as they discuss this new approach to healthcare.

Here’s what we’ll cover:
· The game has evolved – How reference-based pricing has changed from the old game everyone hated
· It pays to break the rules – How this new reference-based pricing model is saving employers millions
· Make your own rules – How HR professionals are using this new model to impact their bottom line and land a seat at the decision makers’ table
· Team up with the right partner – How to identify vendors that are playing the new reference-based pricing game and not the old one everyone hates

Key Speakers

Ray West
Chief Growth Officer Maestro Health
Steve Kaltrider
Senior Product Director Maestro Health
Bruce Shutan
Freelance writer, Managing editor EBN and EBA, moderator
Ron KirkPatrick
President/CEO, LBG Advisors, LLC