Thanks to medical advances, more Americans are surviving critical illnesses. Yet, even with employer-provided health insurance, critical illness can have a significant impact on a family’s finances. There are hard- and soft-dollar considerations such as the ability to make a mortgage payment, look after the family, obtain a second medical opinion or travel to receive care.

The lump sum payout from a critical illness insurance policy can help pay for these types of expenses as well as out-of-pocket medical costs. As a voluntary benefit, critical illness insurance helps employees prepare financially for an unexpected life event, while helping employers meet their primary benefits objective–to attract and retain talent.

In this webinar, medical experts Dr. Philip Smalley, M.D., Senior Vice President and Global Chief Medical Officer, RGA International Corporation, and Dr. David Rengachary, M.D., Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Director, RGA Reinsurance Company, explore:

  • The value of critical illness insurance as a voluntary benefit
  • How critical illness insurance–and other voluntary benefits such as accident insurance and hospital indemnity insurance– complement existing medical and disability plans
  • Tips for evaluating these types of voluntary products
  • Future market trends in this product space

Key Speakers

Lynn Gresham
Moderator: Contributing Editor Employee Benefit News and Employee Benefit Adviser
Philip Smalley, MD, FRCPC
Senior Vice President, Global Chief Medical Office, RGA International Corporation
Dave Rengachary, MD
Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Director, US Mortality Markets, RGA Reinsurance Company