Over 4 in 5 (87 percent) of your clients’ employees are having some level of financial stress…and it distracts them at work. With employees’ financial stress affecting an organization’s bottom line in terms of productivity, higher absenteeism and more healthcare claims, employers today are compelled to pay more attention to their employees’ financial wellbeing.

What’s an employer to do? First, they need to understand what’s behind their employees’ financial stress. And then, they can help their employees get a financial life by offering benefits that provide more financial flexibility.

Session Objectives
In this session, we will:
· Take a deep dive into recent research that shows the level and cause of employee financial stress; how employees handle the stress of unexpected expenses; and how employees see it changing this year
· Define how employees experience financial stress differently and why it’s important for employers to look at generational differences in financial stress
· Outline benefits and programs employers can provide to help employees experience less financial stress and more financial flexibility.

Key Speakers

Bruce Shutan
Contributing Editor, Employee Benefits News/ Adviser
Christy DeFrain
Vice President Sales & Account Management , Purchasing Power