American workers have a big problem and its name is student debt. In 2016, seven out of 10 graduates left school with an average of $37,000 in student loans. The push for job candidates to hold a bachelor’s degree, combined with the skyrocketing costs of education, leave employees and their families with unshakable debt that can last for decades and undermine workers’ financial well-being. Poor financial wellness, in turn, has a draining effect for both employees and employers in the form of work performance, recruitment, retention, and engagement challenges.

In this webinar, Leigh Gross will highlight opportunities for human resources executives to improve their employees’ financial well-being and foster a more attractive work environment. Leigh will:
· Provide a comprehensive picture of how student debt casts a shadow on financial wellness for today’s workforce
· Share key insights into how human resources teams are currently tackling the impact of poor financial wellness in the workplace
· Offer actionable steps employers can take to alleviate this burden and improve talent attraction and retention

Key Speakers

Leigh Gross
VP of Partnerships, CommonBond
Bruce Shutan
Freelance writer, Managing editor EBN and EBA, moderator