Financial wellness in times of uncertainty: Choosing the right VB's for your employees amidst a recession

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As our economy enters a sudden recession, employers and employees alike are growing increasingly concerned with finances. For HR leaders looking to Financial Wellness solutions to provide employees with some possible relief, they’re faced with a big challenge: Which solution can best help your employees navigate a recession without plunging them further into debt, particularly when there are question marks surrounding future layoffs and furloughs.

Join Scott Hudson of Aura Identity Guard, Robert Burke of Savvi, and voluntary benefits veteran Amy Hollis of Hollis Consulting as they address the pressure HR leaders face when choosing Financial Wellness solutions that can best meet their employees’ needs. They’ll discuss the types of solutions that can provide the fastest impact to workers without setting them up for debt down the road and will illustrate the importance of coupling Financial and Cyber Wellness solutions to ensure that employees feel minimal disruption to their financial future.

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Key Speakers
  • Amy Hollis
    Amy Hollis
    Founder, Hollis Consulting
  • Sales Executive, Savvi Financial
    April 22
  •  Scott Hudson
    Scott Hudson
    SVP of Sales, Aura
  • Lynn Gresham
    Lynn Gresham
    Former Editor-in-Chief, Employee Benefit News