From chaos to control: Making sense of HR data

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Integration is paramount when it comes to HR and benefits technology. Nearly 40% of employers report that the most valuable outcome of working with benefits technology is the ability to integrate seamlessly with other HR functions.* It’s no surprise since, today, many employers need to share data between systems as well as with third parties such as carriers and wellness providers.

However, much of today’s HR technology falls short in managing the exchange of data between disparate systems, which creates a pain point for employers and their employees. The good news is that API (Application Programming Interface) technology offers a promising fix. As with most technology, however, caveat emptor (buyer beware)! Given the strong desire for integration and the promise of APIs, many in the marketplace may refer to “API” in its most broad sense, and overpromise. Not all APIs are the same.

In this webinar we will help employers go from “buyer beware” to buying data integration technology with confidence by demonstrating:
- The data exchange challenges facing today’s employers
- What API is and how it can help
- What you need to know when moving to an API environment
- Tips on how to know if you’re buying a true API

*Pacific Resources HR Technology & Benefit Administration Survey 2017.

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Key Speakers
  • Scott Tickner
    Scott Tickner
    Sales Operations, Trustmark Voluntary Benefits
  • Rhonda Marcucci
    Rhonda Marcucci
    Vice President, HR & Benefits Technology Consulting, Gallagher
  • Ben Yomtoob
    Ben Yomtoob
    HR & Benefits Technology Consultant, Gallagher
  • Louis Faiola
    Louis Faiola
    Senior Vice President, Employee Family Protection (EFP)
  • Lynn Gresham
    Lynn Gresham
    Former Editor-in-Chief, Employee Benefit News