From persona to person: what will it take to face mental health in 2021?

45 Minutes
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You know your employees best — but when it comes to their mental health, how do you realistically “meet employees where they are?” Your mental health strategy must change and grow to accommodate the varying needs of your population. Join mental health industry expert Dr. Jenna Carl, PhD and Karlie Jessop, VP of Enterprise Sales from Big Health as they look through two lenses:

-The clinical reality: mental health symptoms range in severity — your mental health strategy can’t be “one size fits most,” and different levels of care are appropriate at different times.
-The employee reality: we’ll detail proven strategies for breaking through to your population and communicating mental health benefits.

Former Editor-in-Chief, Employee Benefit News
December 3
VP of Clinical Development & Medical Affairs, Big Health
July 31
VP Global Enterprise Sales, Big Health
August 6

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