Financial insights to help employees during pandemic

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During this unpredictable crisis, many employers have justifiably been focused on the physical health and safety of their employees. But, how is your workforce faring financially? Employees could be facing extraordinary financial challenges, including the loss of family income, the loss of retirement savings, and increased difficulty obtaining credit. These additional financial stressors are likely compounding preexisting issues like high debt and limited savings, negatively impacting the ability of your employees to focus on their jobs.

But you can help reduce employee anxiety. According to Gallup, based on their research of major crises over the past 80 years, “a key predictor of low worry and high confidence is whether each employee believes, and experiences, that the organization is looking out for their best interest.”

How can you provide the help and direction employees need?
In this seminar, our three experts, each with a unique point of view, will share
· The pre-pandemic statistics around employee financial stress
· The latest data on how the current environment is impacting the finances of the US workforce by industry and demographic
· How to use data to determine the most impactful benefits you can provide to your employees now and in the future

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Key Speakers
  • Zoey Cole
    Zoey Cole
    Analytics Product Director, Equifax Employee Benefits Services
  • Ron Walker
    Ron Walker
    Vice President, Global HR Operations, Equifax, Inc.
  • Ilyce Glink
    Ilyce Glink
    Award-winning financial journalist, Best Money Moves
  • Lynn Gresham
    Lynn Gresham
    Former Editor-in-Chief, Employee Benefit News