Get your clients prepared: Top 5 employee health and benefits trends post-COVID

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We all keep hearing about how employers can prepare for their “new norm” post-social distancing, yet we aren’t focusing on what will help your clients most: the “new norm” of employee health and benefits. So much of how we see and operate within the world has changed post-COVID. And as HR leaders and CFOs look to establish their new normal, they’re also looking to brokers/consultants for employee health and benefits guidance, new ideas, and solutions that will address the challenges and gaps this pandemic has brought to the forefront.

In this webinar, we’ll help you prepare your clients by exploring the top 5 trends in employee health and benefits post-COVID. Join HR Consultant and former American Airlines Wellness Strategy Leader, Susan Campbell, HR Consultant and former CHRO, Sheryl Simmons, and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tim Church as they explore upcoming benefits trends and how you can help your clients address them.

Here’s what we’ll cover:
1. Emerging trends in employee health and benefits and what brokers/consultants need to know as you guide your clients
2. Top challenges CHROs and CFOs are facing post-COVID and how you can help address them
3. Ways to curb post-COVID claims costs

Employee benefits Health and wellness
Key Speakers
  • Health and Wellbeing Strategist
    Campbell Consulting
    May 20
  • Sheryl Simmons
    Sheryl Simmons
    HR Consultant and CEO, 3flightsHR
  • Chief Medical & Strategy Officer, NS
    May 28
  • Doug Layman
    Doug Layman
    NS, Moderator