How to communicate to Millennials and Gen Z and win the war for talent

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Believe it or not, in two short years millennials will make up more than half of the workforce…and the first wave of Generation Z workers are hot on their tail. If you and your team haven’t whipped up a strategy to reach these important employee groups, now’s the time to start.

Join Jellyvision communication expert Keith Vallera as he shares seven tips to get Millennial and Gen-Z workers* to perk up for your clients’ benefits messaging year-round.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

-Best leverage the technological tools at your disposal
-Personalize your clients’ benefits messages to make them more relevant to their twenty- and thirty-something employees
-Build out a multi-channel communication strategy by quarter
-Use visual content to best convey your message—and more!

*Full disclosure: your Gen-X and Boomer employees will enjoy these tips too!
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Key Speakers
  • Lynn Gresham v2
    Lynn Gresham
  • Keith Vallera
    Keith Vallera