How to help your clients communicate big changes and win results with decision support

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Can you answer this client question?

"The new benefit plan you've helped us design is a hit with our senior executives. Now, what's the best way to present these changes to our employees?"

Explaining big changes in benefits is one of the most challenging jobs an HR team has. But by having a strategic, client-savvy, communication strategy in place, you can transform a delicate situation into an opportunity to showcase your clients’ key value propositions and remind your clients why they continue to renew with you year after year. In fact, great benefits communication can reap huge benefits when it comes to any broker’s bottom line—and their customers’ ROI as well.

Join broker industry leader Robert Ferrone from Jellyvision as he shares ideas on how to partner with your clients on an effective change communication strategy, thereby enhancing your role as a trusted advisor. You'll learn:

· 4 tips for bridging the gap between your client’s executive staff and the rest of their workforce
· 3 ways to be the guide your clients need to keep employees engaged when the road gets rocky
· 3 behavioral-science-based tactics for getting your clients to take clear action
· And more!

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    Lynn Gresham
  • Robert P. Ferrone
    Robert P. Ferrone