Despite what may happen in the future with the ACA repeal/replacement, businesses of all sizes have real problems to solve today. The cost of delivering health care keeps climbing, and not enough employees are engaged with your programs to reverse this trend. Get insider tips from industry leaders for solving today’s critical health care issues. Our team will weigh in with opinion and insight on:

· Learning to (succeed in) limbo
· Pulling all the benefit levers to reduce cost trends and improve outcomes
· What’s next with the DOL fiduciary rule?

Key Speakers

Jennifer Benz
CEO & Founder, Benz Communication
Paul Fronstin, Ph.D.
Director, Health Research & Education Program Employee Benefit Research Institute
Ann Mond Johnson
Advisor and Board member
Ben Morris
President, UMB Healthcare Services
Roy Ramthun “Mr. HSA”
President and Founder, HSA Consulting Services
Dennis Triplett
Consultant, UMB Healthcare Services