Preparing for the post-quarantine workplace: How to tackle short-term HR challenges and visualize long-term change

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How can you chart a course for the future when the future is still so unclear?

In this presentation, Jellyvision’s Chief People Officer Kelly Dean and Chief Revenue Officer Helen Calvin will share a variety of research-based strategies to help HR professionals tackle the unprecedented logistical challenges ahead. Also, they’ll explain why this disruptive historical moment is the perfect opportunity for employers to change their policies and work cultures for the better—and share thoughts on how to get there. Specifically, attendees will learn:

  • The latest expert predictions about the state of work in the next 6-18 months
  • What previous pandemics and wars can teach us about crisis management
  • How to game plan for all kinds of COVID-19 changes, including long-term continued remote work, more stringent health policies, and office re-designs
  • How to adopt an adaptive, innovative and (dare we say) hopeful mindset in the midst of uncertainty

Key Speakers
  • Helen Calvin
    Chief Revenue Officer at Jellyvision
  • Kelly Dean
    Chielf People Pfficer at Jellyvision
  • Walden Siew headshot
    Walden Siew
    Editor-in-chief of the Employee Benefits Group at Arizent.