Right now, the self-funded benefits arena is echoing with discussion of the high claims trend – in conversations about benefits, in industry-related articles and at insurance events. It doesn’t matter if you’re a broker, carrier or policyholder, rising claims impact you. And everyone wants to know how to get a better handle on the situation in the current climate.

Tailored for brokers and employers alike, this webinar presents attendees with a look at today’s market and where it is heading, along with what to seek in the crucial stop loss protection needed by self-funded employers.

Speakers will share the importance of working with a carrier that watches trends and uses knowledge to problem-solve through challenges like increases in the frequency and severity of claims. Pharmaceutical cost management tactics and important tools like predictive modeling will be addressed, as well as approaches for gaining better control of the costs self-funded medical plans face today.

Key Speakers

Elliot Kass
Moderator: Freelance Writer, Editor and Presenter
Tom Doran
President and COO, HM Insurance Group (HM)
Jamie Holowka, Pharm.D.
Senior Pharmacist, HM Insurance Group
Nick Sarneso
Director of Actuarial Services HM Insurance Group