Redefining access: Mental healthcare in 2021 and beyond

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While many organizations evaluate access to mental healthcare through the lens of location, employees are becoming more concerned about psychological access﹣ personal fit, representation, and comfort. What can be done to make care options more relevant for and inviting to a diverse employee base? Join us to explore the latest approaches within digital care.

Benefit leaders will learn:

  • New mental health challenges facing companies in 2021
  • How to expand the definition of access to address inclusivity
  • The journey of Justworks to find supportive solutions for all employees

Mental health Mental health benefits
  • Neil Leibowitz
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Matt Savarick
    Executive Vice President, Business Development
  • Camilla Velasquez
    Senior Vice President
  • Lynn Gresham
    Former Editor-in-Chief
    Employee Benefit News