The secret to your financial wellness benefits program in 2020

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As employers ramp up their financial wellness benefits in 2020, they’re figuring out what benefits are truly going to resonate with employees. Among the buzziest and most popular benefits is early wage access (EWA). But what does it truly entail?

Find out more about the benefit that nearly 80 percent of hourly workers said would be helpful. Branch CEO Atif Siddiqi will dive into what EWA is, how it works, key considerations, and why employers are embracing it amidst a slew of other benefits. Employers will learn:

· The long and the short of Financial Wellness programs
· The gap EWA fills in today’s Financial Wellness programs
· Misconceptions around EWA programs and why they’re not all created equal
· What’s required for a successful Financial Wellness benefit implementation

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Key Speakers
  • Atif Siddiqi
    Atif Siddiqi
    Founder and CEO, Branch
  • Lynn Gresham
    Lynn Gresham
    Former Editor-in-Chief, Employee Benefit News