Virtual care’s role in strengthening organizational resilience

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One result of COVID-19 is the sudden accessibility, adoption and embrace of virtual care. The nature of this highly infectious disease has driven virtual care visits and remote patient management to an all-time high.

As employers explore go forward strategies that not only address COVID-19, but also protect the health concerns of employees and build confidence, virtual care is a key component. Shifting into an ongoing timeline of living in this new normal, a comprehensive approach that includes virtual care solutions for both physical and mental health needs, as well as health monitoring, will enable you to have a plan that meets employer and employee needs alike.

Join us for a discussion about how virtual care solutions can strengthen your organization’s resilience and improve population health during this challenging time. Attendees will hear perspectives on:

  • Benefits of implementing virtual care solutions in your return-to-work plans
  • Deploying sentinel surveillance strategies designed to proactively check for COVID-19 symptoms or infection
  • Evaluating the impact of deferred care
  • Supporting mental health during COVID-19 and beyond

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